The vision of the Clean Pittsburgh Commission is to be a driving force to continuously improve the quality of life for everyone in Pittsburgh, to inspire everyone here to clean up and safeguard the City of Pittsburgh as America’s most livable city, and to serve as a model for other cities.

The mission of the Commission is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Pittsburgh through relentless public service and collaborative efforts with public, private and nonprofit organizations and individuals to maintain clean and healthy environments throughout our neighborhoods and business districts.

2014-2017 Strategic Plan

Clean Pittsburgh Commission Brochure

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Clean Pittsburgh Reauthorization


  • Forge and refine partnerships with like-mission organizations to gain position, impact, and reach such as DPW, environmental groups, schools, and citizens groups

  • Demonstrate effectiveness of CPC citizen engagement model to decrease blight

  • Focus on blighted communities to demonstrate impact of our work

  • Capture information about litter, illegal dumping, graffiti, abandoned cars, and vacant land and homes that is useful to others about blight and cleanup activities underscoring value of CPC

  • Institute neighborhood programs which yield participation and support

  • Undertake a diversified strategy to generate funding (foundations, corporate sponsorships, special events, individual organizations)

  • Maintain a blended operating structure involving the use of volunteers, organizations and City staff to operate opportunistically, and with consistency

  • Initiate a significant marketing and public education effort is to raise awareness of the organization and eliminate blight

  • Blend the operating structure so that volunteers and staff maximize quality control and communication

  • Put in place a significant marketing and public education effort to raise community understanding of environmental issues and eliminate blight and environmental hazards




Individuals — Volunteers for cleanups and mission-related activities

Businesses — Change operating practices, sponsorship, in-kind donations

Like-mission organizations  — Partnerships for reach and impact

Government/City Departments – Change operating practices, regulations policies, contracts

Schools/Universities – Partnerships for reach and impact

Media – Vehicle for outreach and education


  • Number of Cleanups

  • Preservation of cleaned-up sites

  • Number of individuals involved

  • Financial and in-kind support

  • Press hits, surveys, indexes, outside evaluations,neighborhood growth, crime rates

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